Getting a good glimpse of Arizona definitely includes a visit to Flagstaff ‘the City of Seven Wonders’. Where natural beauty is abundant. Combined with the history and heritage of the area, as well as the endless outdoor activities you can pursue. You are sure to create memories to treasure for a lifetime.

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The Humphreys Peak Trail is a volcanic mountain range, part of the San Francisco Peaks, starting at the Arizona Snow Bowl. It is long, but it is the easiest trail to climb. Being also well-marked, you won’t have to worry about navigating on your own. You can soak in a lot of outstanding views from above as this is the pinnacle or better known as the king of the Flagstaff hills.


Otherwise known as the Chocolate Falls, they are taller than Niagara Falls, having been formed from the lava that flowed out of a nearby crater into the Little Colorado River, creating the lava dam, which is known for its muddy, yet spectacular flow. The chocolate milk waters go downstream the Grand Canyon and into the Colorado River.

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A guided summer hike in the San Francisco Peaks is the best way to get an introduction to the diverse ecology of this place. You will have the chance to learn about new kinds of birds and flowers and share the knowledge with your friends and family. Plus, when you book a sprinter van in Flagstaff, you can relax and rely on your professional personal chauffeur to be waiting for you and take you to the next destination in style and comfortability, while you still go over the things you just saw and have a blast on the wheels with your group of people.


The impressive location of these structures and their good preservation state are two things that make the Walnut Canyon the most striking historical site to explore in Arizona. You can walk around the 25 cave-dwellings constructed by the Sinagua Indians along the trail, high above the canyon floor. And surely get mesmerized by the architecture that was highly-functional millennia ago.


Buffalo Park is worth enjoying leisurely on foot at your own pace. Where you can walk the two-mile trail located on the top of McMillan Mesa – an ancient lava flow and take in all the astonishing views provided by the San Francisco Peaks.  You will surely get to see different natural wildlife species scattered on the grasslands, in colors and shapes you haven’t seen before.

There are also picnic areas in this beautiful landscape where you can enjoy your food and drinks with your friends.


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