CDC Measures

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Book a sprinter is focused on CDC measures and dedicated to providing a safe space for our employees, staff, partners, and customers. Health and safety are our top priority; therefore, we have been quick to implement all necessary measures to ensure safe and convenient services 24/7 during these times.

We are continuously keeping up-to-date, evaluating, and adjusting our operations according to guidelines and measures provided by our local government officials and the CDC. Our proactive attitude and the steps we take will be safeguarding our facilities and operations as well as ensure the health and safety of our chauffeurs and passengers.

The following are the protocols we have implemented as per official guidelines:


To protect our staff and passengers, all Desert Sedan Limo employees will daily have their temperature screened at the beginning and end of each work shift. If any COVID-19 symptoms are displayed, employees will not be permitted to continue work.


Masks and face coverings will be available and provided to all chauffeurs. All staff members are required to wear face coverings when working on transporting passengers, or when within a 6-feet distance from the passengers or others.

Also, complimentary disposable face masks and hand sanitizers will be available for all passengers.


Our chauffeurs are obliged to wash their hands every 60 minutes or use a hand sanitizer whenever a sink is not available. Chauffeurs are obliged to also wash their hands after any of the following activities: sneezing, blowing the nose, using the restroom, before and after work shifts, touching the face, after handling passengers’ luggage and/or personal belongings, between rides, after putting on or removing masks or face cloth coverings, when exchanging money, before and after pumping gas at a station.


*Our vehicles are equipped with Sneeze Guards dividers between cabin and driver area.

*To minimize contact and assure passengers, our chauffeurs will be wearing disposable gloves whenever supporting customers with respectable luggage.

*During these times, all passengers are prohibited from sitting in the front seat.

*For a family group of the same household traveling together, the vehicle seating capacity will remain the same. Whereas, passengers traveling together who are not members of the same household will be subject to change, depending on the local government officials and the CDC requirements.

*Physical distancing will be practiced at all times, in and outside vehicles and charter buses.

*Any physical contact or item sharing between passengers and chauffeurs is discouraged.


*All vehicles will undergo daily disinfecting with efficient products known to effectively kill viruses in general, including COVID-19.

*All vehicle interiors will be cleaned thoroughly and disinfected with alcohol-based disinfectants in-between rides, especially seating areas, door handles, and armrests.

*Vehicle exteriors will be hand-washed daily.

*Sanitizing alcohol wipes will be available for passengers and chauffeurs.

*Ventilation will be on ‘non-recirculated air mode’ in both compartments, whenever possible.

*Shared equipment and/or tools must be disinfected before, during, and after each shift or after every usage or transfer to the next employee.


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